Learn About UPD

In 2001, Unlimited Prepay Distribution, Inc. (UPD) was born as a result of UPD CEO Ahmed Abusharbain’s vision to provide the best products and service in prepaid cellular service and prepaid refill PIN systems. Since 2001, we have grown from a staff of a handful of people to more than 50 individuals at our Saint Louis, MO corporate office.

With a network of 6500 dealers nationwide, UPD is one of the leading master agents for a variety of prepaid wireless cellular service brands. The UPD brand has become a recognizable symbol of excellent customer service and commitment to our dealers. We want to share every bit of our success with dealers so that they can thrive commercially.

UPD brings you 20 Years of actual hands-on experience and more than 40 years of combined experience in the world of communications, Prepaid Cellular Service, and Prepaid Refill PINs Systems. We hope to help our dealers increase and diversify their business and together take it to the next level.
Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. The UPD family takes great pride in our company and we would love for you to become part of our family.

Letter from CEO

Dear Valued Dealer:

This is a personal note of thanks for continuing to choose Unlimited Prepay Distribution (UPD) as your preferred prepaid wireless partner. In light of the way dealers like you have stood by us over the years, we’re eager to serve you as UPD. Your loyalty and the outpouring of messages in support of our corporate changes of transitioning to a newly redesigned website, the creation of the UPD agent web portal, and relocation of our corporate office were both gratifying and humble.

With the new goals to bring you better communication and access to faster technology, we’re rapidly moving ahead with plans to ramp up our marketing and company investments in ways that will benefit YOU. We’re expanding our brand selections, while bringing you the latest selection of prepaid devices and great plans and services for every dealer’s financial plan. We’re adding new dealers to our team weekly and modernizing our business and market strategies.

UPD is here, in growing shape, and we’ll work aggressively to continue earning your business and meeting your expectations.

Feel free to contact me via email at ahmed@unlimitedprepay.com or call me at 314-771-5797 for any concerns you may have.

Once again, many thanks for being a UPD dealer.

Kindest regards,

Ahmed Abusharbain
Chief Executive Officer and
Unlimited Prepay Distribution