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We are now a Master Agent for Verizon

UPD is excited to announce that we are now an authorized dealer for Verizon Wireless. Verizon offers one of the strongest residuals in the industry. Plans start at just $30.00 a month.

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20 Years of Hands-On Experience

With a network of 6500 dealers nationwide, UPD is one of the leading master agents for a variety of prepaid wireless cellular service brands. The UPD brand has become a recognizable symbol of excellent customer service and commitment to our dealers. We want to share every bit of our success with dealers so that they can thrive commercially.


Your #1 Master Dealer, Period!


UPD strives to help our dealers increase and diversify their business so they can take it to the next level. UPD wants to provide the best products and services at the lowest prices possible.

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"This company has the best support staff and go way above helping out when in time of need!"

PJ Barry

"Great Company! We are going places. Thanks for helping us get there."

Randy Stone

"Dealing with them for past 4-5 years. Excellent team work great communication."

Rizwan Sheikh

UPD Payment Systems

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